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Seeing or SEEing: Looking through filters versus Totality of Perception

Looking through FILTERS versus Totality of Perception

OK. I have spoken many times concerning this subject and do realize it is confusing unless one has actually had the experience of SEEing. And I realize that not everyone will have this experience. In fact, I think comparatively very few actually do, although I will say I also think it is possible for all of humanity. That is, for those willing to see the universe as it is, and not through the lens of filters, with our total perception limited to what comes through the filters.

Let’s speak about those filters, which in my view, is the scourge of humanity. 

When we are born, we are of pure Spirit, full of Light. We remember where we came from and who we really are; at least we do until very soon it is taught to us the complete fallacy that we are linear beings. Our parents, peers, and teachers convince us, early in life, that we are who our brains tell us we are (see my post: )

This interaction establishes filters in our energy body and man oh man, do they ever get imprinted! And what happens is that everything we perceive, everything we experience, everything that we BELIEVE, everything that we KNOW (think we know) is a perception that first travels through these filters.

Arrrgh,…. so what happens is we LOSE our totality of perception as it was originally meant to be. And it is very difficult to re-establish.

The only way to re-establish our totality of perception, yes SEEing, is to first BURN through those filters!

Well, OK then, you ask, how exactly do we do that?

Either you ask that question to yourself, or you have already quit reading this post, as your brain, reading energetics through the established filters, has told you that everything in this post is a load of crap. And  yes, that is what the majority will do. But if you are in the minority who has established a spark in the true-heart, with a recognition of Spirit, then read on.

Possibly there are many ways to burn through these filters that hinder true SEEing. We know that COMPASSION, true love of others, is a necessary part. Many men and women of knowledge have contributed toward giving humanity methods of burning through the filters.

But what I have found, is that love for others, true compassion, although an inherent and absolutely needed aspect, is not alone in the needed tools. Due to how very much our filters are established, compassion alone has a tough time burning through these filters. It IS a necessary and fantastic first step, and without compassion, we are ”pissing in the wind”. This describes the majority of humanity, who keep making the exact same mistakes, over and over, holding on to their selfishness, their greed, and their hate, with no compassion for others.

What is needed? The established filters can be burned through by raising the vibrational frequency of our energy bodies. This process is slow, as it does require much time & effort on our part. And really, the “time&effort” is what most are unwilling to do, as their brain, reading through the filters, tells them it is not needed. 

Although, sure, there are examples in humanity where individuals have been struck by lightning or other instant drastic change, where the filters have been instantly removed, vaporized. I can say, through first hand experience, that this is so, although many don’t physically survive the experience.

Now, I will say that I have met many SEEers that had the ability to SEE, but were struggling with that ability, as it is SO DIFFERENT to what most consider reality. And it is really easy to initially SEE into astral layers of illusion and become convinced that is reality. KEY is rising above that layer by raising our energy body vibration. In our Neigong system of Stillness-Movement, teachers are trained to specifically help those with this ability. And  our system has many SEEers in training, as it does appear that those with this ability are drawn to our workshops. With the training, these talented souls can burn through the filters, helping to develop their SEEing into reality without illusions.

Have you ever watched TV news, or listening to someone speak, and asked yourself, “Why can’t “THEY” see the truth of the situation?” Or “Why can’t they see the wrongness of the situation?”

The thing is “THEY” can’t see! The ability to discern through all the filters that we have imposed on us from our birth to where we are now is directly proportional to our energy body vibration rate. Without raising our energy body vibration we can’t actually burn through those filters and SEE true reality. The practice of High Level Qigong/Neigong WILL help burn through those filters by raising the energy body vibration, bringing us closer to true LIGHT.

Soooo, is all this hogwash or do we have empirical evidence that points to this being truth? In other words, is science finally catching up with reality? Science IS making giant leaps through the study of Quantum Mechanics. In the last few years, there have been breakthrough experiments concerning the illusion of time and space and separateness. Do some research on the interesting subject of quantum entanglement. Also here is another aspect that directly speaks to our seeing or SEEing; this points to a direct difference in linear seeing versus SEEing on the instantaneous quantum level.

Author Michael Lomax is an international teacher of Neigong, Qigong, and Clinical Therapeutics Applications.

Michael’s book, A Light Warrior’s Guide to High Level Energy Healing, is available on Amazon:

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5 thoughts on “Seeing or SEEing: Looking through filters versus Totality of Perception”

    1. Thanks for the comment.
      Actually, the Stillness-Movement system of practice from the hospitals of China, from which these writings are derived, differ significantly from those teachings.

  1. It’s true that many will never experience SEEing. Until I had the experience myself, this mind fought hard against anything that wasn’t “logical” or linear, as you describe it. Skepticism was a filter against knowing.
    Once SEEn, it is never forgotten. Neither are the filters! They are many and strong, but it’s imperative to burn through them to know the Reality of who we are. Grateful to know the way.

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