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Who is Michael Lomax?

Michael is a 50 year experienced Teacher of Qigong/Neigong/Clinical Qigong/Chinese Clinical Therapeutics. Michael teaches the SYSTEM of Stillness-Movement Neigong. Qigong systems include all needed components such as: Qigong Movement, Neigong Internal Meditation, Wai Qi Liao Fa (Healing with External Energy) Qi Manipulation techniques.

Teacher Michael Lomax has a degree in electrical engineering specializing in electromagnetic field theory and acoustical wave propagation, with graduate study in Quantum Mechanics. Acoustics, and Solar Thermal Engineering. Michael studied the Chinese Neigong for over 45 years and operated a pain clinic for 35 years specializing in the elimination of pain utilizing Clinical Qigong and Chinese Medical Therapeutics. Michael has taught Chinese Qigong, Neigong, Clinical Qigong, and Chinese Taoist Medicine Neuro-Energetic Therapeutics for over 40 years and offers on-line courses as well as workshops and has students in most countries of the world. Michael is certified as a Level IV teacher by the National Qigong Association and is author of the book A Light Warrior’s Guide to High Level Energy Healing. Michael also developed the Gift of the Tao Neigong Movements which now have 5 complete sets of movements.

“It is NOW time for these ancient Chinese secrets to be known in the West”

Chinese National Treasure & Qigong Teacher Wang Jue Min

Michael’s complete “business card” is located here:

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