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What is Qigong / Chi Kung / Neigong?

Meaning of Qigong? To me, “The study of ENERGY that requires time & effort” will never be bettered as a definition. Using this definition, “Qigong” should never attempt to eliminate energetics from the equation.. Exercises from many disciplines are all mostly good if they are not extreme type exercises that can hurt people. As such, ALL exercises can circulate Qi in the body. But efficient gathering/building/storing/transformation is a different thing. I have run into many, scratch that, MOST, practitioners of modern qigong who are adamant in that it is either an alignment system, a breath system, or a movement system. When in reality qigong in and of itself is none of those things. It is about ENERGY. Yes, breath can be a tool, yes alignment can be a tool, and yes, absolutely movement can be a tool. But there are many other “tools” at our disposal so qigong should be considered for what it actually is and not be defined by the particular tool we use. We should use all tools at our disposal at the particular time needed and not think there are only 2 or 3 that make the total as that is simply untrue. IMO the modern “qigong” taught in China and all over the world needs to re-recognize that we are working with energy and consider this when looking at efficiency of training.My Practice? Only over 45 years.. I have learned that we are only beginning to scratch the surface of the potential of Qigong. We are kindergarten people in an age where we are recognizing, however slowly, that ALL things are energy. And we CAN change our reality by expanding our awareness of “that which is”. I would at this point say that Qi is the basic fabric of creation.

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