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Walk Me Out in the Morning Dew – “Grounding” Qigong

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Of course many of us in the qigong field know about what most call “Grounding”, although I have a slightly different view of this than the majority due to both my electrical engineering electromagnetic fields study and my Neigong…

Here is a simple Qigong exercise that dramatically increases the efficacy of simply standing barefoot on the ground. Also, a method of “grounding” during the day when you are busy.

I call this exercise “Walk Me Out in the Morning Dew”.

Remove shoes and socks. You may want to have a towel handy for when you are finished with the exercise.

In a safe short grass area. First put the tongue up against the roof of the mouth. Calm the mind so you think of nothing; stop the world.

Now relax the body so you have no tension. Stand upright with head lifted by Heaven at Bai Hui. Face palms outward. Take 3 deep breaths letting each slowly out the mouth.

Set INTENT of pulling in Qi with each glide. Now step out with left foot by GLIDING across the grass. Swing the right foot with the same gliding motion so this is more of a slow graceful dance than walking. Continue for a few minutes. It doesn’t require a long time.

That’s it – Simple and much more effective than just “grounding”. 

Now more about grounding. Since we cant do the Walk Me Out in the Morning Dew but only in the early morning, how about the rest of the day? One is usually busy and taking off your shoes is not a real option in many circumstances.

Try this.

Simply find a spot outside that is clean Earth; grass is fine. Stop the world by calming the mind and glue the tongue to the roof of the mouth. Take 3 deep breaths, letting them slowly out the mouth. Now squat and place palms of hand down to the Earth. It only requires a short period of time. Repeat as needed. I find it a grand thing to do after a wai qi liao fa Clinical Qigong session.

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