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Stillness-Movement Running Neigong & Tree Neigong

Is this post about Stillness-Movement Neigong Running OR Stillness-Movement Tree Neigong?

Out this morning doing my Neigong Running. I was on a different route than I have been running. Instead of taking a right, as I normally do, Spirit guided me to a definite left – as LEFT LEFT LEFT NOW! 

OK, you don’t have to hit me with a lightening bolt, although I wouldn’t put it past Spirit to use such to get one’s attention. Ummmm….haha. 

I get it, left it is.

In Stillness-Movement Running Neigong, we have the following “phases”:

  1. Stamina
  2. Qi Pushing
  3. Lightness
  4. Swiftness
  5. Running with the 3 Suns
  6. Heaven-Earth Integration 6b)  Heaven Pulses Earth 6c) Heaven Cleanses Earth
  7. Heaven-Earth Protection 
  8. Running with the Orbits
  9. Tai Chi Pole Running
  10. Do Not Ask Running

I have been doing #1-8 for a considerable time. AND #10 for several months. However, #9 is really what this post is about.

Sooooo….I came upon this gigantic Warrior Tree. What an opportunity to do our Stillness-Movement Tree Neigong!

But it really wasn’t like that, of me deciding “Oh what an opportunity”…it was a gigantic “STOP and interact with Tree NOW!!!”

OK then. As I said earlier, while Lightening Bolts were necessary for me in the past, now they are not needed (I hope!), as I do LISTEN. Note: See our blog posts on LISTENING.

What an incredible experience.

I have read many other’s posts on “tree qigong”, but I have to say, none of the methods I have seen are even similar to our Tree methods. I believe the reason is multi fold; one has to already have a good grasp of neigong practice and has to have raised their energy body vibration (few systems actually concentrate on this aspect) and one has to have reached a level of Harmony with SPIRIT and with EARTH. How could we have an optimum interaction without first recognizing and achieving Harmony with both, as TREE is a manifestation of Heaven to Earth?

Can one who is not versed in this go out and “feel” the Qi of a tree? Of course; everyone should be able to. But simply feeling the Qi of a Tree is not even close to the complexity of a true interaction with a Tree. 

Also, I have seen many that think they can just go up and “steal” the Qi from a Tree. Ah…No. It is about INTERACTION, not taking Qi from a tree.

OK. After doing a bit of AMAZING Tree Neigong with a Warrior Tree, I resumed my run. 

And IMMEDIATELY was shown another level of our Running. Pretty darn neat, and it worked right off the bat.

It is either, “Oh Wow, I GET to add distance so I can perform all these levels”; OR it is “Oh darn, now I have to increase my distance”.

I choose the “OH GREAT, WOW, I GET to do all these levels of running neigong!

Clarification, in Stillness-Movement Neigong Running, we run FOR time, not AGINST time. When we do, “time” becomes illusion.

Author Michael Lomax is an international teacher of Neigong, Qigong, and Clinical Therapeutics Applications.

Michael’s book, A Light Warrior’s Guide to High Level Energy Healing, is available on Amazon:

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3 thoughts on “Stillness-Movement Running Neigong & Tree Neigong”

  1. 24 years ago a tree saved my life. I know many will never understand that concept, but a tree most definitely breathed life back into me. Two years later, I met you, Michael, and sometime after at a combined treatment and training session, you introduced me to the ability to feel the tree network that flows under ground. So, my answer to your beginning question is, “Yes.” LOL. Or more specifically, the post is about Stillness Movement Neigong with no other adjectives added.

  2. Well I’m going to have to catch up with you on the running Qigong – I’m fairly certain I have methods 1-7 down but the next 3 I believe I need a little instruction on – then holding 10 Intents at once will be a challenge – but I’m ready for the challenge as I’m certain the reward will outweigh the time and effort of learning.

    Now this past weeks distance seminar – perfect way to start – walking in the Qi (already interacting with the trees roots, and salute to the 4 directions – additional waking of the trees and wildlife outside.

    So – I started as described and as usual I assist with the energetics of the distance class . Then , what an incredible experience as I stepped outside to a very Still environment and I started with 3 trees that formed a triangle – pulling Qi into the 3 Trees (I hadn’t really noticed how the 3 formed that triangle until I walked out in a Qi state). Next, I started to do movements – big movements with big Intent. Suddenly, whoosh – the Still air picked up and turned into a brisk wind , immediately following that the 3 Trees greeted me with an enormous wave of energy knocking me back about 5 feet and tossing me into movement. I continued to do the moves and the trees moved me and moved with me – when this happens I tend to laugh through the moves as I interact with the Trees. What was above and beyond was the Trees sharing their true faces with me – that’s always a wow as I’ve seen it before but it seems as if the trees need to get to know you first. I have done Neigong outside by them previously but I guess I hadn’t opened up these 3 trees specifically – usually just one tree. I’m also certain that several more trees joined in with the fun. Then, as soon as I stopped my moves and ended the session – the wind calmed down to barely a breeze.

    Interact with Nature as it is pure fun!

  3. Interesting comment on the tree saving a persons life. I had a similar experience perhaps more than once.

    First time was over 50 years ago I was climbing a tree as I loved to climb and hang from trees. I’m guessing I was between 20 and 30’ up in the tree when I slipped heading – well head first to the ground and it wasn’t going to be a pretty meeting when I hit the ground head first. Suddenly , the tree caught me – sounds strange but the tree indeed caught me – my left leg got wedged at the knee in a fork in the tree (probably why I still have trouble with my left knee)and I came to an abrupt halt and was left hanging upside down from the tree. Well I called out for help as I was a bit out of sorts. A friend of my brothers that was unusually big came to the tree and lifted me out of the fork and down to the ground. Thank God for the fork and friends.

    A second episode was a dark and stormy night (a snoopy story) and I stepped outside with one of my dogs, chased him in out of the rain – suddenly a bolt of lightening hit the tree I was standing next to – I wasn’t sure if I was hit or not. 2?people watching thought I got hit. I believe the tree took the hit for me although I was encapsulated in the bright, cool, white light. Dang!

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