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Only 3 Things Needed

Only 3 Things Needed!

I would like to comment on the apparent misunderstanding of the 3 things needed in order to progress in one’s Qigong..

1) Be a good & moral person.

It seems many have a problem with the word “moral”. And I am sure one reason this is so is due to religious connotations from religions that wish to control others. However, it does seem a bit odd to me that most would object to the word and it leads me to wonder just where everyone is coming from. Do you not wish to do the “right thing”, in harmony with Tao, at any given moment? THIS is what I mean by 1) BE a good & moral person.
To explain further, one can look at it like this: “Moral” means reaching a level of connection & harmony with one’s true self – not the intellectual brain oriented thinking, but the part of us that actually ALWAYS knows the right thing to do in any moment. Therefore it is very simple to be a good & moral person. All one has to do is reach the level of truly understanding and interacting in harmony with one’s true self, then dance in the Wu Wei so that one’s true self is acting in harmony with the moment by moment changes in the universe and the related energy flow. Then every choice is “moral” at any given moment. 
Simple, eh? Yes it is. HOWEVER (of course there is a “gotcha”), simple does not mean easy.
If it is not easy, how does one go about it? I was taught that before we can actually disassociate from the mind chatter, which is a part of the great computer that has become “master” while our true self is given back burner as a slave of this lifetime, we have to first clean up our act. That is, the energy body must reach a vibrational level that is beyond the mental contamination of this world. And in the Stillness-Movement practice, we do that by practicing a qigong system which has as one of its main goals the goal of raising the energy body vibrational frequency.
Of course it is called Chi Gungfu for a reason. It does take the time & effort, which many are unwilling to do. 

2) Practice Your Qigong.

I do believe the explanation is taken care of in the above paragraph. Plus we get all sorts of amazing side-effects, like most don’t get as sick as before we practiced, and we can tap into healing energetics to help others.

3) Calmness.

Calmness is extremely important since we lose our connection/harmony with our true self when we are not calm. When we practice our qigong we calm others due to the nature of the energy field (one can look at is as “magnetic induction if they wish). HOWEVER (another “gotcha”, in a way) when we are not calm we effect others negatively. I say “in a way” because if we actually practice the high level qigong which induces calmness in itself, all it takes is simple reminders to remain calm, up until a point that the common aspect IS calmness. But due to human emotion we do need to remind ourselves if we get off tract.

I propose that if everyone practiced these 3 things that eventually this world would be much more in harmony and everyone in it would be much more in harmony with others. Wars would end. Peace would be upon us. Creative energetics would flow unimpeded.WOW!

3 thoughts on “Only 3 Things Needed”

  1. Acting in Harmony with One’s True Self. What a beautiful way to put it, and I’ve always been drawn to Master Wang’s simplicity and approach to the essence of practice and morality. I appreciate the responsibility being put on ‘us’ to achieve the vibration and resonance where we can feel into any given situation and ‘know what must be done’ (a quote from Dao De Jing verse I believe), and then can truly be in Wu Wei.

    I find this to be more empowering than an external force or pressure of ‘rules’ or ‘commandments’ working to mold us a bit more rigidly. That sort of morality or knowing doesn’t come from inside, so can only last but so long.

  2. These 3 things strongly attracted me to Stillness-Motion practices.
    When I’m NOT aligned with these principles it’s easy to feel the discord in my body. It literally rattles the flow of energy; thoughts and emotions become distracting. Harmony isn’t possible in that state, just contraction.

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