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LOOKing or LISTENing?

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You, Me & the Light Post

Looking Versus LISTENING

True story, happened this week. 

We have two new baby lambs, 2 days old. They follow their mother around as the herd wanders the pastures. I looked up around noon and only saw 1 baby. 

We got out and looked until late today – several hours of looking.  I was determined to find, but we had looked everywhere. And then I told myself – wait, you are too busy LOOKING when you should be LISTENING. All of a sudden the Beatle’s song lyrics came into my head, “I’ve got a feeling, deep inside, oh yeah…”

 I said to myself, “That baby is over there”, and pointed where the “feeling” said. I walked through the field and walked right to the little scoundrel. 

We often LOOK instead of LISTEN. Stop the World & LISTEN!

I’ve got a feeling, deep inside, oh yeah!

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