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INTENT Versus intention, Calmness, and other musings

I think everyone at this point sees the desperate need in the world for CALMNESS. If not, then…the question would be, “Why can’t you SEE this?”

In order to establish CALMNESS, all one has to do is have the intention to do so….ah, no: IF energetics are intensely disturbed, there is almost no chance of ”intention to do so” helping at all.

What is INTENT? I have defined it as an almost unexplainable thing that is dependent on it’s outcome; INTENT is THAT which accomplishes outcome (reality not wishing) through applied energetics.

The above of course is misunderstood by many, but there is a need for humanity’s understanding. In one way, we can look at it as applied quantum mechanics. In order for an outcome to occur, there must be an applied energetics for it to happen. Simple brain activity of intention almost never results in an outcome.

For INTENT to have any meaning, ALIGNMENT WITH HEAVEN is an absolute requirement. PRAYER, in order to establish harmony/alignment, is paramount. This should be a heartfelt, not brain oriented, communication and alignment with Holy Spirit. “May God’s will be done” or ”May the will of the LIGHT be done” (same) on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN”.

Accomplished energetics are paramount. If there is no energy, INTENT has no meaning. There has to be an ”engine” for INTENT to have meaning.

CALMNESS can be accomplish through INTENT! In other words, simple intention cannot actually establish that intense and felt by others, CALMNESS.

And, the question arises, WTF is wrong with humanity that we can’t have CALMNESS in world society? I think I will leave that as an open question for all to ponder. There ARE answers.

Author Michael Lomax is an international teacher of Neigong, Qigong, and Clinical Therapeutics Applications.

Michael’s book, A Light Warrior’s Guide to High Level Energy Healing, is available on Amazon:

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1 thought on “INTENT Versus intention, Calmness, and other musings”

  1. Seems to be confusion amongst many when it comes to “Intent” vs “Intention” and I attempt to explain that “Intent” is active and it is happening now – I have set my “Intent” to reel in Light from way up in heaven and deep into the earth with these movements I’m doing – I Set my Intent then don’t dwell on it – get out of the way and Do it – so I back it up with Energy. Not – well I did a bunch of moves and my Intentions were to … that is not active. The interesting aspect of our energetics is that the more we practice the Larger our Intent can become and as such the outcome will likewise grow.

    So – can I set my “Intent” to bring Calmness to earth with my movements? Kind of a trick question because if you’ve learned to Set your Intent to be big pulling a great deal of Light from Heaven and Earth that will be a bi-product of your movements anyway. I always set my “Intent” to be big, no bigger, or just keep getting bigger as I go. Then say a prayer to God to allow those in need of this Light I’m stirring up to share in the benefit and help them find the path of the Light and choose to follow that path.
    We have the ability to make things really big – I notice this with every new student as I don’t think I’ve had any students that couldn’t feel the Qi in their first 10
    Minutes of class – now they might try to explain away what they are feeling – to which I’ll ask – have you felt that before? Their answer – well No. Follow-up question -“how do you feel now vs before class started? Answer is always – well, I feel much calmer. Isn’t feeling much calmer worth the price of admission?

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