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I GET to Cut Firewood!

Neigong Firewood Cutting – I GET to cut firewood!

Many think that the practice of Neigong/Qigong is a set thing, and a separate from daily life thing. NOT SO!

One goal of qigong practice is to learn to apply it in daily life. To accomplish this goal, we have to practice at the integration of what we have learned with all life tasks.

Oftentimes, when we have a task to accomplish, we go “Oh no, I HAVE to do this!”

When we should embrace it as a wonderful thing we GET to do! As in, “I GET to do this, how amazing is that!”

We burn firewood to heat our house and I only cut dead trees, not live trees.

This firewood cutting session was particularly challenging, as I had to take particular caution and use a chain and rope to insure I wouldn’t get squished flat as a pancake when it fell.

I ALWAYS get into my “qi state” prior to cutting firewood. As such, I am much more “in the moment” of the experience. As such, I am more attuned to safety, AND I have much more energy to accomplish a demanding physical task. 

I encourage everyone to apply their Neigong/Qigong to their daily tasks. You will find it most rewarding. Turn each experience from “I HAVE to do this (negative thoughts and speech*&^%$%)” to “I GET to do this!” – resulting in a harmonious experience. Plus GAIN energy instead of losing energy!

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3 thoughts on “I GET to Cut Firewood!”

  1. What a great way to maximize the use of our training in Neigong. The idea that anything and everything we do can helps us accumulate Qi as well as share our Qi with others.

    In my case – I’m the main cook at our house – my menu is somewhat limited – soups, stews, fried quail, meatloaf , grilling, homemade pizza etc , but, I approach this task with enthusiasm and determination to make a great meal. Thereby I’m imprinting my Qi on the food I make. I get compliment after compliment on the meals I make – I also study (quietly) those that are eating – are they happy , are they going back for seconds, do they say “wow, that’s really good”! Yes – most every meal I make I hear those compliments so I must be doing something right – 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 2 hours of Neigong went into making that.

    Now I compare that to another that complains that they don’t like to cook. It shows in the meal they prepare – I usually hear – don’t let them cook again . Good reason to always cleanse/bless the food you eat.

    Those of you that have had meals prepared by Chef Qi know what I’m talking about. I have never had a bad meal at Qi’s . Generally when he knows I’m there more food than I ordered always shows up!

    That does it – next seminar back in Tere Haute!

  2. Yes, when in the qi state life becomes fun!

    I remember a time when I was doing hard physical labor in HOT weather. I was tired and exhausted. I was sluggish and had a hard time moving.

    Then I shifted into a qi state and it became like a dance. I felt energized and it was a blast!

  3. Practicing Qigong/Neigong while cutting firewood you say! Makes perfect sense to me. I have a habit of adding a whooshing sound as I project Qi and while I’m teaching class and filling the area with Qi so everybody gets maximum benefit.

    So a few days ago I was putting up shelves in the garage. We have an abundance of ply wood that’s actually to be used to board up if a hurricane comes knocking on our door. Actually we live far enough inland and have widows rated at 170 mph ( unless a tree goes through them) so I decided to rip the boards and put shelving up in the garage to clean it up as sometimes I teach a class in the garage. So, I had an assistant that of course asked me “why are you making that whooshing sound while your cutting the boards, drilling holes, and screwing in the screws for the brackets? Well, awhile back I started to practice Qigong pretty much all the time – especially during any physical activity. So my explanation as to what I was doing – can’t whistle so I might as well whoosh while I work.

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