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Gratitude – IS it a Specific Vibration?

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What Is gratitude? One can say, ”Oh yes I am grateful for that…”, but does that mean one is immersing themselves in the actual BEING/ESSENCE of Gratitude?

I think not.

What if Gratitude is a higher level vibration and one CAN attain resonance with this higher level vibration of tuning in to Holy Spirit and Creation?

I think one has to immerse themselves in this by first removing the mental pre-conceived idea of what gratefulness actually is, because if an idea is conceived by mind, then it is of the mind and the mind’s limited vibrational access.

If, on the other hand, we find the thing itself, in this case the actual resonance frequency of GRATITUDE, and immerse ourselves and exist in GRATITUDE…I believe that we can then experience the awakening and benefits of true Love/Harmony Existence with Holy Spirit & Creation.

Be true to yourself in your Endeavors and your Travels through these amazing energetic events facing us. We can choose to wake up every morning and express this stunning vibration of GRATITUDE. We can do so at any moment of the moment inside the moment itself. GRATITUDE for food before we eat? Absolutely!

I think it is truly amazing when we do embrace GRATITUDE. I find, for me, GRATITUDE to be one of the most amazing practices that one can implement.

Michael Lomax is a teacher of Neigong/Clinical Qigong/Chinese Energetic & Body Therapeutics with 45 Years of teaching experience. Michael operated a Pain Therapy Clinic for over 35 years and is the author of the book, A Light Warrior’s Guide to High Level Energy Healing More info can be found at the site:

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